We have always encouraged our team to look their best and offered any support required. It was therefore a given when one of our own approached her team leader asking for a day off to attend to a “small medical matter” that her request would be granted.
Turns out the said small matter was actually an appointment for dermal lip fillers at a local clinic. The real story actually started when she came back the very next day, wearing the most confident smile ever as she flaunted her new plump and radiant lips. For someone in her early-mid thirties, the natural ageing process had been very kind to her, but you could see the subtle effects on some of her features including her thinning lips.
The transformation was undeniable and everyone was eager to hear about the who, where and when that had engineered this wonderful make over. With great patience and definitely loving the attention, she was more than generous with the details, giving much credit to the local Iconic Medispa Clinic.
Over the next few months, we had more members of our team take turns visiting the clinic. The dermal filler treatments have no downtime and we would have the staff come back in the very next day and not requesting for more days to recover after the procedure. Owing to the professional care that the clinic offers, none of our staff who chose to have the dermal lip filler injections experienced any side effects from the procedure that impaired their ability to perform at work. Infact, with the boost in confidence that came with the procedure, we have had a significant increase in productivity levels among our staff.
We are concerned with all things touching on the wellbeing of our staff. It is quite encouraging to find another community which cares as much about how our team looks and feels.

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